Retro stil ’50-ih

Žive boje i retro dizajn za elegantne uređaje

Vijugave linije isprekidane hromiranim detaljima, dizajniraju najnoviju generaciju uređaja za nameštaj sa snažnom ličnošću, u kojoj boja postaje protagonista.


Smeg has definitively changed the way of experiencing household appliances: from a functional and aesthetic element, to a piece of furniture, sometimes a catalyst for style and a note of color. From pastel to more lively tones, a palette that is enriched every year with new, bright, matt colors, decorated editions and limited collections.


Rounded curves and chrome details perfectly coordinate the interior and exterior doors of 50’s style refrigerators.


Available in black, red cream or white, the 50’s style extractor hoods perfectly match the other components of the line, such as the award-winning small appliances and the beloved FAB fridge.


The 50′ style range expands and introduces the new MDF50 colored mixers. Available in 7 different variants, they are the unexpected touch of color in the kitchen.



Objects that transform the space they occupy with their color and shapes that know how to get noticed. The small appliances of the 1950s line, designed in collaboration with Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti of Deepdesign , are objects with a contemporary design that evoke fifties atmospheres, designed for those who cannot ignore aesthetics, for those who want to renovate their kitchen in a few moves and certainly for loves to cook.


In it’s dimensions, the Smeg toaster concentrates ergonomics, functionality and aesthetic harmony. Breakfast or lunch break, brunch or aperitif: if it has hit the heart, any excuse is good to use it.

Grejači za vodu

With its mix of technology and slightly retro style, the ’50 style kettle makes every moment special, from breakfast to five o’clock tea, from a quick break to evening relaxation. In an instant it heats the water precisely and efficiently.

Cediljke za citruse

The CJF01 electric citrus juicer is a tool that combines design, reliability and maximum performance. A citrus squeezer to exhibit, which gives the pleasure of living your own kitchen and indulging in the well-being given off by a fresh citrus juice.

Aparati za mlečnu penu

The 50’s style MFF01 milk frother is the new small appliance to prepare hot and cold drinks in an instant with a perfect foam like in the best coffee shop.


A cake to offer to friend, the unique fragrance of homemade bread, fresh pasta that will amaze the guests for dinner. With the Smeg mixer of the 50’s style line, recepies take shape thanks to a reliable, resistant and efficient helper.


The Smeg juice extractor produces a very high quality juice thanks to a completely cold extraction, without the use of blades but through a slaw and powerful rotation of the screw.

Štapni mikseri

Designed to be resistant, functional and perfectly manageable thanks to its practical ergonomic and non-slip handle, the hand blender becomes an essential appliance for cooking quickly and intelligently.


Designed in every detail to be capacious, versatile and efficient, the Smeg blender is equipped with 3 preset functions: ice crusher to crush ice, smoothie to obtain thick and creamy compounds and pulse to increase the speed at will with the push of a button.

Espresso aparati

The Italian coffee tradition enters domestic spaces conquering the demanding palates of the many lovers of Italian espresso with the espresso coffee machine or American coffee with the filter coffee machine.

Mlinovi za kafu

The CGF01 coffee grinder offers professional grinding without sacrificing functionality and the unmistakable Smeg 50’s style.


Tama postaje svetlost, funkcinalnost se spaja da bi postala estetika.


Svaka estetska linija nudi raznovrstan izbor usklađenih proizvoda.